Look, Sound and Feel Fantastic on Live Video

and Beyond!
Let's Go!

Do You Need to Show Up in Your Biz

But Lack Confidence?

Showing up all the time IS HARD!


We feel that people are JUDGING us

We hate the way we LOOK or SOUND

and NOONE’S WATCHING our live videos!

If that’s you, It doesn’t have to be that way!

You too can feel CONFIDENT in your look, your voice, your tech capability and LOVE going live!

Want to see how?

You are not alone! 

We have all had to use Zoom over these past 2 years and it has presented unique challenges.   

We have all witnessed highly-skilled people not looking or sounding their best on virtual calls and live video and we have probably all felt embarrased and nervous about the way we look and sound too.   

With some simple tweaks, training and the right practise it is possible to love going live

and look fantastic on your virtual meetings!  

Stick with me and I’ll Show You How!

Hi! I’m Katy

I love helping busy online business gals to look, sound and feel great on live video and beyond.

Running our own business is hard and getting all the pieces together to show up regularly, professionally and with the brand image and voice that you want can be overwhelming.

With my LIVE PRO Formula, my Get Your Glow Skin Program and LSF Fantastic Package you can get the mindset, voice, look, technology you will stand out from the crowd and show up as the fab CEO you are!

I Used To Panic…

when I had to perform in public. 

I had no confidence and felt everyone was thinking I looked and sounded stupid. I froze.

A good coach made all the difference and I now love performing live and have been coaching others to sound great for 30 years!

I also help gals with their skin confidence, using a clean beauty approach to skin health including makeup,  to help heal the skin and to look and feel fantastic.


” Katy is refreshingly authentic and always goes the extra mile to help her clients improve and gain more confidence.”

“Hi Katy, I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic challenge you ran.  You were authentic and knowledgeable.  I’ve also checked out your mastermind video.  You really rocked this!”


Sharon Kusterer

sharonkusterer.com, ICF Communicaation Empowerment Coach

It’s Time For Things To Change!

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This (The LSF Fantastic Program) is a wonderful, holistic course. Katy doesn’t simply focus on one aspect of recording or connecting live with your audience, but uses her knowledge and skills to give you a fantastic introduction to going on camera.  It’s great to see one course dealing with so many different topics in a very encouraging and practical way.”

Maressa Mortimer

Author and founder of Vicarious Living

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