About Katy Simpson

Hello! I’m Katy


I’m from the U.K. and started in life struggling in stressful situations that knocked my confidence.

At school and at home I was pulled down by numerous people too, and it took just one or two people who really saw my worth and my capabilities and enabled me to fly.

We all get pulled down by life’s struggles and I want to be one of those people who see your talents, your uniqueness, worth and train and encourage you to fly!


,You are Unique

You have unique talents and attributes and I want to help you to have the confidence to show up on camera regularly, to stand out from the crowd as the CEO you really are, to connect with your dream clients and help all those people you were born to help. 

So that you can go live with confidence, knowing what to say and when, having a engaging,  captivating voice.

So that you can go live with all the tech knowledge to look and sound great on video. 

So that you can feel confidence in your skin and look, without feeling embarrased or having to resort to using filters or touch ups.

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