Why Repurpose to A Podcast?

Do you want to work smarter, use your time wisely and avoid burn out?   Do you want to reach more people on social media in a shorter amount of time?  Live video is a great tool to build your know, like and trust factor quickly, but not everyone has the time or inclination to watch a video.

What if you could reach another group of audience who loves to listen to audio when they are washing the dishes or driving the car, exercising or doing mundane tasks at work?  What if they subscribed to the audio version of your video, your podcast episodes automatically downloaded to their device and then could even binge listen to your episodes without pressing a button!

Have you ever considered creating a podcast?  Maybe the thought of that makes you feel overwhelmed, thinking that it would be very complicated and take a long time?

Let me explain that it doesn’t have to be complicated or too time-costly, you just need some good tools that work well together and a bit of knowledge and practise.

My Work Flow

My work flow always tends to start with a weekly training that I deliver live.  I like it this way as I can get over procrastination and the tendency to overthink things.  I schedule it and when the time comes just have to go for it, warts and all!  I simply have to take into consideration the podcast listeners when showing things on the screen or doing visual demos.

Transcribing the Audio

I use Restream to go live on multiple platforms at the same time, and as soon as the live video ends I can quickly upload the audio of the episode, that is automatically saved, into a program called Descript.  It takes Descript about 10 minutes to transcribe the episode and I then play through it whilst reading the text on the screen. 

I can easily delete the filler words (umms and ahs etc) with one click and I check through the whole episode, deleting the countdown at the beginning and the outro video at the end and any parts when I am talking to the live audience or make any mistakes (for example when the dog went crazy in this very episode!).   Descript has a very generous free plan which allows for 3 hours of free editing, transcription and uploading each month.

Creating The Episode

I then upload the finished audio clip into a really user-friendly podcast editor called Alitu.   I choose a segment for a teaser at the beginning, type in the name and description of my episode, add my podcast intro and outro and create a fade between the sections and then save it.  It takes about 8 minutes or so to work through my 1/2 hour episode, improving the sound quality without me having to lift a finger!  Once it has completed I check it and then click a button to upload directly into my podcast host platform: Captivate FM.  Then, in the time it takes me to make a nice cup of tea, its done!! Captivate FM publishes my episode automatically to my podcast player and all the platforms that my podcast is linked to.  It is that easy and takes me about 1 1>2 hours from beginning to end to create and publish a 1.2 hour podcast episode.

Bonus Content You Can Create Quickly

Another cool thing about this work flow is that, while I am editing in Descript, I can easily make an audiogram or two for my social media, it is a very easy process with it’s free tool and the finished audiogram is automatically dowloaded onto my computer.  With an extra bit of work I can also make a blog post or quote posts from the transcript!  How cool is that!

Has this encouraged you to give it a try too? Let me know in the comments.


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