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The Beginners’ Live Video Toolkit £47

This toolkit has everything you need to start to look, sound and feel great on live video.   Learn how to stand out from the crowd with confidence in your voice, what to say, how to look great, how to get conversions and step by steps on how to go live to all the platforms, even simultaneously!

“Look, Sound & Feel Fantastic on Live Video” Program £197

Do you want to really stand out from the crowd with your live videos and be seen as a professional in your space?   If yes, then this course is for you!  Learn alongside others in an encouraging, private space to use your live videos to build your clientele and profits with a great strategy.  Learn to repurpose your videos with ease and even create a podcast from your shows.  Learn how to look great and sound great on camera and attract your ideal clients.

“Get Your Glow”

Skin Treatment Program £180

Do you dream of achieving a youthful glowy skin and look that makes you feel fantastic and grow in confidence?  In this 3 month program you will be not only have one to one coaching to achieve your skin goals but learn lots from an encouraging, private space with others on skin journeys.  Achieving great skin doesn’t need to cost $$$$ in products and treatments and hours of time each day.  You just need expert guidance on what is right for your unique skin and needs.  I particularly specialise in problematic, reactive skin.

“Katy Simpson is simple a superb example of total professionalism, talent, and skill at it’s best!  I have attended several of her workshops and have benefitted greatly every time- whether it be learning how to make your skin glow to making your voice flow – Katy sill help you to shine online and soun great doing it!”

Emily McHugh

The Super Charge Coach 

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